Panty Explosion Perfect - “Something strange is happening at my school. PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (3 ratings). Panty Explosion is an adventure game about Psychic and mundane Japanese .. “Ugliest girl in school” are perfectly acceptable Traits as well. A Trait lets you. Panty Explosion. Atarashi Games . cORPS Apocalypse (PDF). cORPS Down in Flames (PDF). cORPS Dreamtime (PDF). cORPS TimeLords (PDF).

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If you post one for FATAL I will download Panty Explosion Perfect. and easy to read, which I hope will cut down on a lot of the need for a pdf. Prev. Atarashi Games' Panty Explosion by Matt Schlotte and Jake Richmond is a “ Psychic Schoolgirl Adventure Game.” The book is 94 pages plus. Is PDF sharing a problem you are concerned about? I wasn't until recently. In the last few weeks sales of the Panty Explosion PDF have.

I liked PE a lot so when the new version was announced I pre-ordered. The game came in the mail yesterday and I read it immediately. Panty Explosion Perfect. The setting PEP is a game about Japanese school girls who do school girl things and fight demons. There is a section on the ordinary life of Japanese high school girls and a list of demons from Japanese folk-lore. The rules The rules are very simple. As usual among Indie style games there is a focus on playing in separate scenes, rather than in free flowing narration.

Every player has a Best friend and a Rival among the other players.

When challenges conflicts are resolved, the player states his or her intention, rolls the die and then the Best friend narrates the outcome if the roll was a success and the Rival if it failed. Since so much of the narration privileges is held by the players, leaving out the GM entirely seems like a natural move after a while.

Panty Explosion RPG! Jake Richmond Interview Part 1.

Conclusion The setting is OK. Will I play it? To be honest I liked Panty Explosion the way it was. But it lacks depth and I think it will grow stale very quickly.

June 4, at The […]. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. Psychic powers are as much a curse as they are a gift. Most Schoolgirls have little understanding or control of their massive powers, and often cause harm to themselves and others.

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Since Psychic powers often manifest themselves in strange and unsettling ways, most Psychic girls are feared or hated for being strange, difficult or dangerous. Many are driven to suicide or insanity. Some schoolgirls revel in their power, using it to humiliate and hurt their rivals. These girls are often the quickest to draw the attention of the Demons, who crave not just their Psychic energy, but also their flesh and minds that have been tainted by malevolence and hatred.

Demons are not a schoolgirls only concern.

Mysterious government agents routinely abduct students for unknown reasons. Savage ghosts haunt the halls and grounds of school buildings, seeking revenge for long forgotten wrongs. Girls with Psychic powers have the means to protect themselves, but the average schoolgirl is practically defenseless in the face of these supernatural horrors! In Panty Explosion you take the role of a Japanese schoolgirl trying to make her way through high school.

You may be cursed with Psychic powers, or you may be left defenseless as a regular girl. It is up to you to see that your Student survives both the supernatural and mundane horrors of the Japanese educational system. You can track all of this information on your Student Record. A blank copy of the Student Record can be found in the back of this book and can be easily photocopied so all of your friends have one to use.

You can also find and print the Student Record from the Panty Explosion website, or just record all the information on a blank sheet of paper.

Resist the temptation to choose joke names or offensive names if at all possible. Part of the fun of playing Panty Explosion is fully taking on the role of your Student and interacting with other Students. Remember, in Japan family names come first, followed by given names. Once you choose a name make sure you write it on your Student Record. Bill, grinning, names his character Mai.

Even though there is little scientific evidence to lend credence to the theory that Blood Type determines or influences personality, Blood Type remains a common way of both identifying ones self and judging others.

Blood Type is often used to determine romantic compatibility and career paths. Most Japanese know their own Blood type and that of their relatives and close friends. Each of the 4 Blood Types is associated with different personality traits. Choose one of the 4 Blood Types listed below for your Student.

Later you will also choose a Trait based on your blood type. Suggested Traits are listed below. Type A are often calm, composed, serious, reliable, trustworthy, perfectionists and tend to suppress their emotions. They can be shy, arrogant, and sensitive.

They are curious, bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, superficial, unreliable or selfish. When they start a task they will continue until it is completed. Type O is carefree, generous, independent, flexible, clumsy and sometimes flighty. Type AB is considered to be the least desirable Blood Type because it indicates a divided personality.

This determines her zodiac sign. The Chinese Zodiac, known in Japan as Junishi, is a month cycle with each month represented by an animal. Junishi is part of the old system for the division of time into days, month and years. This system of division originated in China and was adopted in Japan by order of Empress Suiko in the seventh century. Each animal is represented by a number of characteristics, and people born in the month of a specific animal are said to reflect these characteristics.

The month your Student was born determines her Junishi Animal. Is she a snake, a rooster or a bull? Later you will also choose a Trait based on your Junishi Animal. Rat January Rats are imaginative, charming, clever and honest. They watch their money closely, but can be generous with loved ones. Rats are both ambitious and opportunistic. They tend to have short tempers and can be over critical. Ox February Ox are natural leaders that inspire confidence.

They are patient, kind, talented and smart. They are strong and silent, and when they do speak they are eloquent and inspiring.

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Ox expect to get their own way. Tiger March Tigers love for life is stimulating and their energy and vivacity are contagious. They are courageous, self-assured, daring, passionate and empathetic. They are often rebellious and dynamic needing to be the center of attention. Those born at night are more likely to be restless. Rabbit April Rabbits are renowned scholars.

Rabbit is one of the most fortunate of the Junishi signs. They are peace loving, talented, virtuous, eloquent, honest, and intelligent in business and have impeccable manners. Their over sentimental nature makes them seem superficial and are sometimes moody and indifferent.

Panty Explosion

Dragon May Dragons are magical, intuitive, artistic, and extremely lucky, exhibiting energy, power and inspiring trust and awe in others. Their emotions are strong and fierce, often making them stubborn and overbearing. They can forgive someone the moment an outburst is over and expect others to forgive them as quickly. These people are often egotistical, eccentric, foolhardy, perfectionists who intimidate those who challenge them.

Snake June Snakes are the deepest thinkers of the Junishi zodiac. They are the quiet, wise philosophers with a deep understanding of the world. They are independent and their hobbies tend to reflect this.

Not communicating well with others, they are stingy by nature, procrastinating and relying only on their own judgment.. While known for their beauty, Snakes are often ostentatious and will react selfishly if crossed. Horse July Horses are independent and showy, often being seen as egotistical. They have a raw sexual appeal as opposed to being great beauties and will fall in and out of love easily.

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They are diplomatic, perceptive and talkative. They are taken in by sob stories, often being emotional pessimists who worry about everything. On the other hand they are charming, generous, charitable, passionate, artistic, creative and at times fashionable. Also possessing a mind for business and known for their intelligence.

They forgive easily. Close to nature, they enjoy animals and children, but dislike strict schedules or being scolded. Monkeys are clever, inventive, fast learners with good memories and great social skills.

Monkeys are successful at whatever they put their mind to.There is the exposure factor. Search titles only. I think at the time we were just calling it Psychic School Girl, or something like that. I am curious to see what the outcome will be. The setting PEP is a game about Japanese school girls who do school girl things and fight demons.

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