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Read about Day of Doom, Book 6 of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers series by David the whole world goes BOOM. Get the book or Get a Sneak Peek (PDF). The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers has 12 entries in the series. Vespers (Series ). Book 5. Linda Sue Park Author (). cover image of Day of Doom. Dan sees no other choice. The Vespers have broken their promise to release the hostages, so it must be done. He's worked long and hard to.

He decides to break into Isabel's compartment to search for clues. Dan finds out that Isabel had been posing as his father and sending the text messages. Isabel and her men ambush her, but Sinead Starling saves her. Unfortunately, Atticus is again kidnapped and Isabel takes the serum, which was actually still in Dan's bag. Then Isabel stops the train and escapes. Dan has an idea, wearing the night vision goggles he got from one of Isabel's men and finding out that Isabel had messed the coordinates on the compass.

The location of the hostages and the Machina Fini Mundi turn out to be at the Rocky Mountains, exactly where the train stopped at that point. They meet Amy , Dan , Atticus and Jake. They try to find the Machina Fini Mundi and eventually found it.

They start fighting with the Vespers. Evan gets shot and dies, while Natalie tries to destroy the device, but instead gets electrocuted and passes out. Through his super secure phone, Vesper One instructs his men to kill Isabel Kabra. Meanwhile, Isabel is wandering the maze alone, as her guards had been scared off by Atticus's iPod.

She passes by a room with monitors and sees Ian crying and Natalie's dead body. Amy manages to turn the Machina Fini Mundi into a giant electromagnet. When the Vespers come, their guns, swords and knives got attracted to the magnet and they get electrocuted.

Sandy and Vesper One arrive and hand out stone weapons. Just at that time, Isabel comes in and tries to stop Damien from putting the final piece but fails. The device gets powered but Isabel starts ripping it apart.

Damien melts into the device, ruining it and it explodes, killing Damien and Isabel. A falling rock hits Amy's head. She has a dream vision about the people who had died, and was shocked to see that Isabel and Natalie seemed to be happy that they are dead. Then she awakes and finds out that Jake had carried her out, and that she had been unconsious for seven days.

The story ends off with Amy and Dan discussing about how they would return to their normal lives again. The book puzzle key is different weather symbols. It reads: One Other Has The Serum. This is referring to J. Each letter is that many places backward in each number of the date.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Shcolastic saying Day Of Doom is the worst book of the 39 clues book series. Cara Pierce The Second. Also you must s The book was gr8, okay? Everyone she saw was Cahills and Evan, her boyfriend.

And she could kick butt, too. Dan loved her. Admired her. Looked up to her. But he was also her younger brother, so it was sort of his job to make her life slightly miserable from time to time. But Amy was a shade of her former self. Before, she had been so resilient.


She had taken blow after blow and come back strong. But this time was different. Now Amy had crawled in a shell that seemed so thick and strong she might never be free of its embrace. Dan was surprised that she had even come out of her room.

Whats up, Amy? You feeling better? Im sorry, she said. Sorry about what? For acting like a wuss. For crawling inside myself because it seemed like the Vespers had won. But Im back now, Dan. Im ready to take up the fight. I wont let you and the others down like that again.

This is a fight we all have to finish, and were going to do it together. Dan couldnt keep from smiling. This was the Amy he had been waiting for. No matter how tough things got, she always came back. But then he felt immediate guilt and more than a little panic. Hed already taken the serum. As though reading his mind, she quickly moved to the side and glanced at the goblet through the bathroom doorway and then at her brother. Her look was a guilty one, yet her lips were set in a firm line.

Dan sensed that she was about to make his life miserable. She said in a halting voice, I couldnt let you do it, Dan.

I just couldnt. It took a long moment for Dan to process her words. When he finally did, he blurted out, What did you do? I found out what you were doing at Columbia.

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So when you were busy in your bedroom I slipped in the bathroom and substituted a puree of beets, brussels sprouts, and collard greens for the serum in the goblet. I poured the real serum down the drain, she said, her voice sounding even guiltier. I couldnt let you do it. You could die. Dan looked aghast. A puree of beets, brussels sprouts, and collard greens?

Were you trying to poison me? Oh, come on.

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I was pretty sure the real serum would taste bad, so I couldnt exactly make it taste like a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Were all going to die now, thanks to you, snapped Dan. No, were not. Theres another way. There is no other way, Dan shouted, his eyes wet with tears.

I was prepared to do this, Amy. I wanted to do this. I was willing to die. I made the choice. Do you know how hard that was? And now, because of you, it was for nothing! She drew closer to him but did not reach out to him, sensing perhaps that this gesture would be unwelcome.

You are so brave, Dan. A lot braver than I am.

Dont say stuff to try and make me feel better, her brother shot back. It wont work. I need you, Dan. I need you with me. She pointed to the goblet.

It can do things to your mind. We both know that once you take the serum all bets are off. You might end up doing the very opposite of what you planned. Its just too dangerous. It was our only shot. Dan collapsed on the couch and touched his forehead to his knees. It was the only way, Amy, he moaned. And you ruined it. She sat next to him and put an arm around his quaking shoulders.

No, its not the only way. I told you, Im back. Im ready to take on the Vespers again. But I need your help. He glanced up and eyed her suspiciously. Are you telling me you really have a plan? She held up her phone. I just got an e-mail from Ian and Evan. Theyve found out something extraordinary. In fact, it might be the very lead we need to beat the Vespers.

Its one of the reasons why I came out of my room. Its why I think we have a shot. What is it? She drew a deep breath and said, Isabel Kabra is Vesper Two. Dan looked dumbstruck. Not Vesper One? No, at least not yet. I think we both know that playing second fiddle to anyone is not what Isabel is about.

And Evan also hacked into her private jets flight plans. She paused and added dramatically, Isabel is flying to DC. Dan sat up straighter. The tears were gone from his eyes and he fully focused on his sister.

Thats what we have to find out. Thats why Ive called a meeting. A meeting? With who? There was a knock on the hotel room door. Amy rose, checked the peephole, and opened it. Atticus and Jake Rosenbloom were standing there. Atticus was close to Dans age and short. Jake was eighteen, tall, and good-looking. Them, said Amy. So are you with me, Dan? Dan stood up and walked toward her, his anger at his sister gone. Im with you, sis. To the end. The door was closed and locked. Dan and Amy, and Jake and Atticus Rosenbloom, sat around on the floor, discussing their plan and scarfing room service.

Dan was devouring a loaded cheeseburger with fries, while Atticus was spooning soup into his mouth. Jake was finishing his pizza. Amy had gotten a salad, but had eaten half of Dans fries. Grease was apparently wonderful fuel for plotting against evil. Their dilemma was an obvious one for Amy and Dan. They had been engaged in it for a very long time. That came with being part of the Cahill family, which was the most powerful family in the world.

Over the centuries their members had included some of the most famous people of all time: politicians, scientists, explorers, athletes, soldiers, and the list went on and on. There was not one category of human history that had not in some way been touched by a Cahill. Facing off against the Cahills was a group of nearly equal potency but with tons of evil thrown in. The Vespers. They were a centuries-long chain of people committed to bending the world and all those who lived there to their will.

The Vespers naturally saw the Cahills as their sworn enemies and the epic confrontations between the two clans had been going on for a very long time.

The Vespers had recently gained the upper hand, forcing Amy and others to do their bidding by kidnapping a number of their friends and family members. If the Vespers were not given the items they demanded, many of which had required Amy and her friends to break into important institutions and steal various items including priceless works of art then the hostages would be killed. Now that all the items had been delivered to the Vespers, not a single one of the hostages had been released.

Indeed, the Cahills had just figured out that the Vespers were planning to use the stolen items to construct some sort of Doomsday machine. Thats what they were trying to prevent. And they also needed to find and rescue the hostages before the Vespers killed them. None of it would be easy.

Some of it might be impossible. But Cahills never gave up, regardless of the odds against them. Amy put down her fork and said, Okay, lets just get everything straight. The Vespers have all the elements they need to build the Doomsday device. There can be no doubt of that. Jake added, Right. The last pieces were the ring-slash-gear thing and the Siffright documents.

Amy found herself gazing longingly at Jake and felt her heart beating faster. He was so hot! And smart! And hot! But there was still Evan Tolliver. The fact was that Amy cared for them both. And she thought they both cared for her. She understood that at some point she would have to make a decision. She just wasnt prepared to do it now. She peeked once more at Jake. But when she felt Dans annoyed gaze on her she quickly got back her groove. Subduction zones, she announced.

The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Series

Thats the key. The Doomsday device will trigger some tectonic plate overload and the result will be Armageddon with thousands, maybe millions of people dead. Does everyone agree with that assessment? Yes, even if its nuts, said Jake. The Vespers are seriously sick people. Tell us something we dont know, snapped Dan. He was obviously still feeling a bit ticked off because Amy had pulled the serum out from under him.

The Vespers specialize in grossly evil stuff. It should be their motto. Grossly Evil for Hire. World Destruction at Good Rates. Look, theres no reason to get upset with each other, said Amy, looking at Dan with a guarded expression.

We have to work together to get this done. No argument there, said Jake, who now gazed longingly at Amy. He was clearly as smitten with her as she was with him. Dan caught this look and seemed ready to throw up. Okay, he said. We know what they have. We know what they want to do. We know that they are not going to release the hostages even though we did what they asked us to, because theyre slimy, stinking, lying Vespers. Now the question is: What do we do to stop them?

The next comment came from Atticus. Eleven-year-old Atticus Rosenbloom didnt much look like the last person left on earth whose task was to save the world from destruction.

He was small and sort of puny, but his brain was big and muscular and operating on about a IQ. And hed recently found out that he was the worlds last remaining Guardian, one of a group dedicated to keeping the Doomsday machine out of the wrong hands, meaning the Vespers hands.

Atticus said, I just remembered something my mother told me. Ive been racking my brains for a long time now, trying to think of anything she said that might help us. His mother, Astrid Rosenbloom, a renowned scholar, had recently died. That was the awful bond that he and Dan shared losing their mothers. What did she say?

It was when she was so ill and delirious. She kept gripping my hands and mentioning the name Lewis and the name Clark. She did it over and over.

At first I thought they were doctors who were treating her when she was so sick. But then it just occurred to me that when you put their names together Amy broke in. Lewis and Clark, the explorers! Right, said Atticus. Okay, said Jake. But how do Lewis and Clark help us? Theyve been dead a long time. What could they possibly have to do with the Vespers and the Doomsday device? Atticus said, But their work lives on. All the things they discovered.

Theyre in displays at museums all over the country, probably. Dan, who had gotten on his laptop and furiously clicked keys, looked up triumphantly. And the largest collection of items gathered from the Lewis and Clark expedition is housed at the National Museum of American History. Amy caught a breath. And thats in DC. Where Isabel Kabra is heading right now, added Dan gleefully.

Which means thats where were headed, too, replied Amy. And if were lucky, we can nail Isabel in the process. If we do that, then maybe the entire Vesper plan collapses. Do you really think so? I mean, there are lots of other places Isabel could be traveling to in DC. Amy gazed at him, not longingly this time, but sternly. Yeah, I really do. She looked at everyone. Start packing. Were outta here. Everybody scattered to get ready for the trip.

When he was alone, Dan got down on his knees and reached under the couch. He pulled out a silver flask. Inside it was a second dose of the serum.

He had made two as a precaution. Not because he thought Amy would sabotage what he had done, but because it was always good to have a Plan B. It wouldnt do anything to adversely affect the serum, but it might make it taste better.

He put the flask away in his knapsack. As he finished packing, Dans intentions were clear. If it came to it, he would still take the serum. If there was no other way for the Cahills to stop the Vespers, he would die trying.

It was just how he was built. Sacrifice for the greater good was part of who he was, and who his sister was, too. And next time, Dan would make sure that neither Amy nor anyone else would be able to stop him.

He was going to beat the Vespers, even if it killed him. He grabbed his bags, joined Amy and the others, and off they trudged to the train station to catch a ride to DC.

And a possible confrontation with one of the deadliest, and meanest, people Dan had ever met. Youre going down this time, Isabel Kabra, thought Dan as he got in the cab.

The breaths still came hard and fast for some. And the tears were still falling. Alistair Oh had been dead only a short time and the grief still lay heavy and hurtful over all the remaining hostages.

Understanding death was always hard. Premature death in close proximity was harder still to comprehend. Nellie Gomez rubbed her healing but still painful shoulder and brushed her filthy hair out of her face. It felt like years had passed since she had been snatched off the streets of Paris. She wasnt sure exactly how much time had elapsed, but she had a sinking feeling that the odds of their ending up as Alistair had were growing by the minute. She looked around at the other hostages.

Reagan Holt, normally the Energizer Bunny of the Tomas clan, was sitting on her haunches staring at her dirty sneakers. It looked like her batteries had finally run out. Natalie Kabra, the fashion queen of the Lucian branch, sat looking equally moody and depressed.

Nellie sort of blamed Natalie for her wound. After all, it had appeared the Vespers were going to shoot Natalie first, but a voice ordered them not to. So they had shot Nellie instead. Thanks a lot, Nellie thought as she gazed with unfriendly eyes at Natalie. But then again, Isabel had also shot Natalie in the foot when they were all after the 39 Clues. And Natalie had managed to get the bullet out of Nellies shoulder when Phoenix had failed to do so.

Okay, she had been able to do it because she was a great eyebrow-plucker and could wield tweezers like nobodys business.

And her eyes had been closed the entire time shed searched for the bullet because shed been totally grossed out by the gunshot wound. But still, she had gotten the bullet out. And shes probably missing her brother, Ian, thought Nellie.

But Im missing a lot of people, too. Nellies gaze moved to the spot that Phoenix Wizard normally would have occupied. Phoenix had died while attempting to escape. At least he was free from the Vespers, but Nellie missed him a lot.

She next looked at Ted Starling. The teenager gazed at nothing, literally. Badly injured during an explosion when looking for the 39 Clues, Ted could see only light and dark, nothing else.

But he was plucky and had held up as well as any of the hostages. The only other adult hostage Nellie worried about was Fiske Cahill. He and Nellie were the guardians of Amy and Dan, and Fiske was the de facto head of the Madrigal branch and nearly seventy. Long known as the Man in Black, and a tough, tenacious dude, he looked, to Nellie, defeated. I suppose I look beaten to everyone else, she thought. Nellie was about to say something to Fiske when they heard the footsteps approach.

Like wounded animals, each of the hostages instinctively hunkered down and slid as deeply into the shadows as they could. None of them ever took it as a good sign when that door opened. All of them probably had the same thoughts running through their minds: Is this it? Is today the day we die?

The door swung open. A voice called out, Were moving you. Get up! The hostages all slowly rose together as though tethered by rope. Fiske Cahill said, Where are we going? The voice said condescendingly, What does it matter to you, old man?

Come close enough and Ill show you how well an old man can kick your butt. Nellie smiled. Now that was the Fiske Cahill she hoped still existed. The voice said, But before we leave, you have one more thing to do. You get to say good-bye to your little friends, Amy and Dan Cahill. This statement sent chills through all the hostages.

Were they going to die? Or were Amy and Dan? But one of them, Ted, saw an opportunity, even with his very bad eyesight. The hostages trudged out of their prison, unsure of what the future would hold. As Fiske Cahill passed one of the guards, the man said, You talk big for an old fart. It was the same man who had told them they were moving. Big talk this, replied Fiske as he whipped around and landed a side kick right into the guards gut, sending him flying back against the wall and slumping to the floor.

Fiske bent down and whispered to the battered man, That was for Alistair. As other guards converged on him, Fiske straightened and said simply, Terribly sorry about that. Lost my balance. Happens to old farts all the time. He walked on, with his head held high. The command center in Attleboro was a lonely place. Only Ian Kabra and Evan Tolliver were there presently. They were both working hard, but they also felt disconnected from the action. And Ian was particularly gloomy because his sister was a hostage, and it didnt seem like there was any way to get her back.

Has my mother won? Evan pounded his keyboard like some rocker pianist. He kept stopping to adjust his Coke-bottle glasses, which partially obscured his deep blue eyes. Evan lived for computers. In fact, he could not live without them. He looked up. Hacked Sineads e-mail account.

Think I hit the jackpot. Well, at least its something we didnt know before. Ian looked over Evans shoulder at the string of e-mails on the screen.

He read quickly. Well now, shes emailed back and forth with this Riley McGrath chap. Ian read some more of the e-mails. Hes a park ranger. Looks like she had a bit of a romantic thing for him. However, Im not interested in Sineads love life. And I dont quite see how that helps us. While Ian had been reading, Evan had switched over to another computer.

Heres how.

I looked up Riley McGrath. Pretty difficult for him to be emailing Sinead. Whys that? Because hes been dead for ten years. As Ian stared quizzically at him, the cell phone they kept at the command center buzzed. Ian looked at it.

I dont recognize that number. Better answer it, said Evan. The only people who know this number are people we probably need to hear from. Ian answered the phone. Who is this? Ian thought he recognized it but wasnt sure. Is this Attleboro? Exactly who would like to know that information? This is Phoenix Wizard. Ian and Evan gaped at each other. Could this really be Jonahs little cousin? It certainly sounded like him. Phoenix, Ian and Evan here, said Ian. Can you tell us exactly where you are?

Evan chimed in, But first, are you all right? When Phoenix next spoke his voice was shaky and both Evan and Ian could hear tears behind the words. I almost got killed when I was escaping, Phoenix said. It was really scary. I dont know how I made it through. I thought I was going to die.

Now both Ian and Evan could hear the little boy sniffling. Next a small sob escaped his lips. Right, Phoenix. This is Ian. I want you to take two deep breaths for me. Can you do that? I can try. Two deep ones. Let me hear them. They heard two long breaths and then Ian said, Brilliant, Phoenix. Best deep breaths Ive ever heard.

Now, I know your ordeal has been simply awful, but it would be very helpful if you could just pull yourself together and tell us what happened. Evan added, And that way we can come and help you, Phoenix.

Precisely, said Ian. You neednt be alone anymore. We will come to your aid with alacrity. That means really fast, said Evan, giving Ian an annoyed look. After a few more sniffles and another long breath, Phoenix said, After I escaped, I managed to get to a road. A man gave me a ride in his truck to a motel. Im calling from there.

Something seemed to occur to Ian and his face turned ashen. But where are the others? Is my sister, is she. Ian shouted this last part into the phone. Evan gripped his shoulder. Just chill, dude. Lets hear what he has to say. In a lower voice he said, And lets verify it is Phoenix. In a louder voice he said, Phoenix, what are your cousins two favorite words? Word and bro. With yo and fly close behind.

Thats Phoenix, said Ian. Phoenix said, I was able to get away from the Vespers. Id been wandering through the mountains for a long time before I reached that road. Evan said calmly, Were really glad youre okay, Phoenix.

But can you tell us exactly where you are? In Washington State. Near the Cascade Mountain Range. He gave them the exact address of the motel. If you get here, I can lead you to where the others are. I know right where it is. Evan said, Just hold tight, Phoenix. Hide as best you can. And dont talk to anybody.

Well be there as fast as the plane will take us. Ian added in a nervous tone, Phoenix, when you managed to escape, was everyone, was Natalie. He again couldnt finish. They were all alive, said Phoenix. Okay, thanks, said Ian. Thanks a lot. As soon as the phone went dead, Evan fired off an e-mail to Amy telling her about the call. But it bounced back. Crap, snapped Evan. He tried again with the same result. Ill call her on the mobile, said Ian.

But the call would not go through. What the heck is going on? Weve got to reach Phoenix before the Vespers do, said Ian. Well try to contact the others on the way. Now lets jolly well get a move on. In five minutes they were packed and out the door. Two hours later they were on a flight to the state of Washington.

The Acela train was running smoothly on its way to DC. Amy, Dan, Jake, and Atticus were occupying a four-person table in one of the train cars. Dan had gone to the caf car to get some food and had brought back snacks and drinks for the others.

The room service meal seemed like a long time ago, though it really hadnt been. They were all at an age where the calories seemed to be burned up as soon as they passed the lips. They had opted for the train because the earliest flight they could get out of New York would not have gotten them into DC faster than the train. And the train would carry them into Union Station, which was only a short cab ride away from the National Museum of American History.

Amy had just put down her bottle of water when her phone buzzed. She picked it up and looked at the incoming text. Her face froze. Dan, who had been watching her, said, Vesper One? She nodded and handed him the phone so the others could see the message. Would you like to see the hostages one last time? Vesper One had helpfully provided a password-protected link on the web. Amy drew a long breath and readied her laptop.

The train was full, so they decided to go out into the vestibule between train cars, where they could have some privacy. Amy carried her laptop while the others fell into step behind her. It was like they were marching to see an execution. The dread was clear on each of their faces. They huddled in the vestibule while Amy hit the link on her computer screen and then put in the password.

They drew closer when the screen fired up, and the dread on their faces deepened. The remaining hostages were lined up in a row.

They looked dirty, beaten, battered. There was duct tape over their mouths and their hands were bound behind them. Alistair wasnt there, of course, and neither was Phoenix. Amy and the others knew Alistair was dead and that Phoenix was missing and probably dead as well.

A robotic voice came on over the laptops speaker. It was Vesper One. His tone was one of unabashed triumph. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help.

I consider you my partners in bringing about the victory of my family over yours. Indeed, over the world. Without your valuable assistance in gathering the elements I needed, my plan would never have succeeded.

I want you to keep that in mind over the short period of time you have left to live. The voice paused and then continued, Oh, and in case you havent figured it out for yourselves, I am officially going back on our deal to release the hostages once you provided me with all the elements. Lying is just what we Vespers do. And we do it so well. Makes life so much easier. They all looked at one another, the fury evident on each of their faces. I want to kill that guy, snapped Dan. And then bring him back to life and kill him again.

And keep doing it until he just disappears to nothing. Unfortunately, he said all this right as a conductor walked by. When the man looked at him oddly, Dan pointed to the computer and said, Uh, fantasy football league. My guy totally blew it. I feel your pain, said the conductor. My guy threw four interceptions. Im thinking about becoming a hockey fan. As he walked off, Dan glanced back at the screen. Atticus pointed at it. They all stared at where he was pointing.

The hostages couldnt say anything because of the duct tape. But their eyes were visible. And one of the hostages was doing something very interesting. Ted Starling was blinking. But he was doing so in a highly unusual way. It took Atticus a few moments to realize why. Hes blinking Morse code. Atticus grabbed a notepad and pen from his jacket and watched the screen. Amy, he said. Back it up a little. She did, and Atticus watched as Ted blinked and blinked and blinked.

Atticus started scribbling on his pad while the others watched. When the screen finally went dark Amy said, Did you figure it out? Atticus nodded. I believe so. Riley McGrath, said Dan. Whos he? Amy said slowly, I dont know. I wonder why Ted thinks hes Vesper One, said Atticus equally slowly, as though he was trying to answer the question before he finished saying it. I dont know, said Amy again. She suddenly looked sick to her stomach. Excuse me, she said.

She handed Dan her computer and slipped into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Jake glanced anxiously at Dan. Do you think shes okay? No, of course shes not okay, exclaimed Dan. Alistair is dead. The hostages are still hostages. Phoenix is dead. And Vesper One basically told Amy that we were the ones responsible for destroying the world. After shes done in the bathroom, Im going to go in there to throw up, too.

Dan slumped down to the floor and stared at his shoes. Thats something. We just know that Ted thinks he is, replied Atticus. Thats not the same thing as it being a fact.

Dan said, And how does that help us? We dont know where the hostages are located. For all we know theyre already dead. That web link could be old. And now Vesper One has everything he needs to wreck the planet. Lets have a party. Jake said angrily, Hey, I know all that, okay? Im just trying to stay positive. Dont bother, shot back Dan. It just makes you look stupid, because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, to be positive about.

Jake was about to respond when the bathroom door slid back with a crash, making all three of them jump. Amy stood there, a determined look on her face. However, Dan did notice that her cheeks were red, her nose runny, and she looked like she had scrubbed her face hard to wipe away the tears.

Okay, listen up, because heres the deal, she said. All we can do is keep trying. Vesper One has the upper hand now.She died [33] when she was seventy-nine years old.

You get to say good-bye to your little friends, Amy and Dan Cahill. Amy considered this and said, Okay, Ill call in reinforcements. Amy became one of the Madrigal branch leaders at the age Because hes been dead for ten years.

None of it would be easy.

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