It's first love Just like the last one! book. Read 48 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Love meets boy. Boy eyes t. [Sachin Garg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It's first love! just like the last one! revolves around the lives of five people, sachin, kanika. site edition by Sachin Garg. Download it It's First Love! just like the last one! by [Garg Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?.

Its First Love Book By Sachin Garg

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The novel IT'S FIRST LOVE! Vibes relevant themes like Love; the predominant one, jealousy, empathy, repentance, realization, pro-social. It.s First Like The Last One is a awesome book on the love. The Sachin Garg excellently narrate the whole story of the five, Sachin, Ars. I hadn't read Sachin Garg's last novel 'I Am Not Twenty four' but I Plot Discussion: The start to 'It's First Love' makes it an interesting read and.

Summary Of The Book As Sachin Garg narrates a hearty tale inspired by his college days, he brings us the story of many young people in a love circle. About Sachin Garg Sachin Garg is a young author, who has been recognized and appreciated for his writing style, which allows readers to identify with his stories. Frequently Bought Together. The Backbenchers. Few Things Left Unsaid. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. True, honest He looks at her and he falls in love!

It's as simple as that! And it gets even more interesting from there on!

What started as the story of a regular guy living a regular life, ends upon finding true love and never letting it go Mitra Oct, My first book by Sachin Garg!!! Definitely not the last one Fast paced and can easily be read in one go. Easy and simple English yet written from heart!!! Quite relatable characters. It's based on true events.

What a life the writer reveals! A Thorough enjoyment for the reader. Be it the circumstances, the conversations and also some shocking twist This book will keep the reader's engrossed.

download this one and you won't regret Looking forward for the sequel for sure: Sumit Sehgal Certified downloader Oct, A total stress-buster! Read this book! It would take you away from everything you want to run away from. A light read that is funny and has emotions too! You would love to read it! Waiting eagerly for the next books by Sachin Garg!!!

Nivedita Oct, There is no consistency in writing. Multiple time contradicted what was written few chapter before.

Tried depicting student life but not sure which college students get so much time to spent out side study, except shah rukh khan in Kuch kuch hota hai..

Don't waste your precious time by reading this book. Beginning is really interesting then it gets super boring. Repeated usage of 'as if' is pretty irritating.

Total waste of time and hard earned money in my opinion. Geethu Feb, His writing is engaging and tells a age old cliched story in a presentable way. Even though i was little bit irriated in between by the cockiness of the narration by the end of it, it was pretty much a satisfying story.. It's First Love: Stephen Kiran Dec, So when the opportunity to review his books presented itself, I grabbed at it with both hands.

I must confess that a village of characters is not my idea of a perfect setting. But it was nice to see that the story stuck to its original theme, and basically revolved around Sachin and Kanika, the protagonists. Sachin lives alone in a small apartment.

Book Review – It’s First Love! Just like the last one!

His best friend Arshi, who is a Roadies contestant, asks Sachin to pick his The-Vault Feb, An average story of "ek phool tin mali " but written in good way. A beautiful love story having a happy-ending. Nibedita Ghosh Jun, Enjoyed reading it!

Yes I did enjoy reading this book. Though it is not as good as his 'Never let me go The book as a pace, I like the author's style of writing and presenting each scene. I could visualise 'Zeeshan', his place even 'Radhika Merchant'. The story line is simply yet quite interesting , it keeps you hold on to it till the end. I am def looking forward for more books from this author. Jul 19, Venkatahari rated it it was ok. First of all, there is no relation between title and story.

It just a typical story that happen in everyday life of college guy, nothing great nothing worst, you can read this book for just time pass. There is no problem with narration, was good, but few parts seems little boring, you need to push yourself to move forward. Aug 14, VaultOfBooks rated it did not like it. By Sachin Garg. B I had heard a lot of things about Sachin Garg — mostly very good.

So when the opportunity to review his books presented itself, I grabbed at it with both hands. He is tall, and he is handsome when it is dark By Sachin Garg. I must confess that a village of characters is not my idea of a perfect setting. But it was nice to see that the story stuck to its original theme, and basically revolved around Sachin and Kanika, the protagonists.

Sachin lives alone in a small apartment. His best friend Arshi, who is a Roadies contestant, asks Sachin to pick his friend Kanika from airport who is coming to Delhi from Mumbai to attend college. At first, Sachin is irritated but then he suddenly has this urge to meet Kanika. They are stuck in traffic and Arshi informs him Kanika is coming with someone she met on her flight. Sachin is heartbroken. Eventually they do meet and Sachin realizes that despite being the daughter of a divorced couple, Kanika Merchant is full of life and a fireball of energy.

Our Sachin falls hard and fast, and they soon become good friends. Kanika, however, is already in a relationship with Neil the guy she met on her flight.

Sachin is very insecure because he has a wild crush on Kanika. The story then revolves around their love life, how they had to face tragedy in their lives and how they finally get back together. Right till the last page, I kept hoping that Kanika would somehow get to know that Sachin wrote it for her.

But the lines he wrote were really well. Nice work there. The characterization was very well done: The worst part was the editing.

There were times I wanted to tear my hair off. The story is occurring in the past, but still there were lines which were written in the present tense.

Also, while the book is classified under the romance genre, it often comes across as cheesy. And I could have done without all the sexual references. I think the author is quite young but possesses a lot of talent. With some hard work, he should be able to give us something better next time. Originally reviewed at: Jul 27, Giridharan rated it it was ok. The book was ok. A tale that every college guy can relate to.

Infact its a tale that every college student can pen down by himself. Such an easy and simple narration yet vivid.

Sachin is a fair guy who falls in love with Kanika who falls in love with Niel. Sachin's friend Arshi loves Sachin and Zeeshan loves Kanika as well! Now that is a real mess and the story proceeds on how Sachin wins Kanika's heart.

The author has be The book was ok. The author has beautifully created an awareness about how AIDS can affect you even through infected syringes. The rest of the story is as usual. Lots of romantic moments are shared between the characters. Zeeshan is showed as a bright guy who fails in love and hence hates life. Kanika is unable to decide on her future - a pretty indecisive girl.

Arshi is a modern city girl, Niel - a modern city guy. The author has portrayed characters you see around you everyday. Nothing so special about the story. Just a good read for a lazy day. For more such reviews, visit my blog.

It first love just like the last one by sachin garg pdf

Feb 13, Srinithi M rated it it was ok. People say "Don't judge a book by its cover". But to be fact, the thing attracted me to the book is its title. And the search for its meaning which keeps me reading the book. The title has a minus too, it helps us guess the ending well before the climax.

Book started as a story of the boy next door, Radhika Aunty added some interest to the story line. The rest keeps me reading but not much interested. The propose by Samar is romantic. Somewhere the story line lacks logic. Like Samar and Kanika, o People say "Don't judge a book by its cover".

Like Samar and Kanika, once been in relationship, after some break, Kanika is reacting as if Samar is proposing her for 1st time. Jul 26, Vikram Jit rated it did not like it.

And i am fully agree with Sarita MAadhuri. Feb 22, Nachiappan D rated it liked it. The book was good by parts. It starts more interesting, in the middle very boring and in the end ok.

It doesn't match the title. My fav parts Sammar's life before Kanika. Zeeshan's initial friendship. It lacks in other parts. Unnecessary love making scenes. Unnecessary fight between Zeeshan, Samar and Neil. Kanika's murder attempt. Dec 21, Swetha rated it did not like it.

Sachin Garg

Part 1: Arshi loves Sachin. Sachin loves Kanika. Kanika loves Neil. Kanika breaks up with Neil.

Part 2: Zeeshan develops crush on Kanika. Neil wants to get back with Kanika. Sachin and Kanika are on a break.

Part 3: Kanika rejects Zeeshan. Kanika rejects Neil. Kanika refuses Sachin and then rejoins.. That's the climax! Waste of time. Jan 01, Mustaq Cybergr8 rated it did not like it. The author has conveyed his own love story in a veryyy simple manner nd interesting manner..!!!

Bt wats special abt the story.. Js a damn dramatic love.. I can't even suggest this story to my frndsss Even if I do so.. They'll surely ask wrs the story..????

Honestly I love his way of narration Bt the storyyy!!!!!!!! Sep 23, Saurabh rated it it was ok. A nice read. College romance with its ups and downs. Protagonist is very easy going modern guy, living a flat alone with good looking girls all around Sparks are sure to fly. Nice read, somewhere between Ok and Like, 2. Jul 22, Fakiha Mehreen rated it it was ok. Oct 14, Nikhil M S rated it it was ok. There are a lot of college life love stories out there.

It's First Love!

Just Like The Last One is one of them. Nothing great about this story. Actually we all have this kind of stories in our lives. We just did not decide to write a book about it is all.

Chetan bhagat has prompted all youngsters to be authors. Everyone is writing their biography as a novel. Dec 28, Jayesh Kumar rated it it was ok. The start was good, story was a bit boring in between, could have been better! May 26, Siva rated it it was ok. Unworthy of the money and time spent. Sep 28, Shubham Sharma rated it did not like it.

Jul 27, Maitri Shah rated it it was ok. Jan 05, Harsha Vardhan rated it it was ok. A typical relationship story. If you are utterly jobless, go for it.

Mar 04, Kashmira Gohil rated it liked it. But the author says it's his own story in 20s. So 3 stars. Dec 31, Ravi Jadav rated it really liked it. Its amazing story of Kanika and samar two completely unknown person, how they meet, the become friends, fall in love and their life. Its are nice story about their life, ups and down in their relation. Feb 16, Sundeep Supertramp rated it liked it. I dont know why, but I kinda started a liking towards this publications, Grapevine India Coming to the narrating, its one of the best I have read..

It is so vivid.. It is so clear.. It is in clear detailSafe and Secure Payments. Endless phone calls, pointless blushes, constant sweet nothings. Arshi is a bit loud and often uses abusive language. Yes it can, but it can prove to be distancing factor. He is a perfect blend of tall, dark and handsome.

Sadly, love never has been and never will be that simple! While he is not busy with his Engineering studies, Nikhil contributes to various online writing platforms.

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